The List of Rivers in Sri Lanka

There are even more important things to say today. The details of these things, looking for photo … you just wanted a little Post because you thought it was a treasure. Some pictures have been uploaded. Then there you go. Rivers in Sri Lanka Mahaweli River Kelani Ganga Black River (Kalu Gaga) Walawe River Bentara… Read More »

Eye Catching ‘Mannakethi Ella’ Water Fall

The water was drained by the people who had finished their daily activities and washed the sweat. The manganese emeralds are known among the feminine inhabitants because they were washed with water, spinach, rice, and some other weapons. This is a jungle of Girankathththa Oya, which starts from the western slopes of the Uplugala hill… Read More »

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex

The nature of the nature is one of the most enchanting and most prestigious scenes in the world. Nature will be one of the handfuls of unforgettable biodiversity complexes in Ambuluwawa. The fact that Gampola is visible to a visitor is due to the identity of the Gampola town. It is the Ambuluwawa Agrarian Forest.… Read More »

History of the Sri Dalada Maligawa

The Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa), which was preached by the Buddha for the Sabbath in the afternoon, is one of the more privileged among the sacred relics, the honor and multitude of unique supremacy According to the thirty masculine attributes, the Buddha’s Shohoes were vibrant in color. One of the last eight teeth… Read More »

About National Flag of Sri Lanka

The national flag of Sri Lanka represents the country and the heritage of the country as a means of integrating the country with the minority ethnic groups. Sri Lanka‘s national flag is Sri Lanka’s last king, Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, an improved version of the flag used by priests. A royal lion wearing a sword in… Read More »

About Sri Lanka’s Vibrant History

Recent excavations show that in the Neolithic Age there were food gatherers and rice cultivators in Sri Lanka. Very little is known about this phase. Our written history begins with the arrival of the Aryans from North India. The Aryans introduced iron use and advanced agriculture and irrigation methods. They also introduced the art of… Read More »