Great Story About Mirisawatiya Viharaya

By | September 3, 2017

King Dutugemunu who unified the state of Ceylon was a magnificent among the dynasty rulers of the dynasty. The poet says that this great woman is a mother of the World Ward. According to the Mahavamsa and poojaya, king Dutugemunu (161-137 BCE) had carried out ninety temples in his 24 year reign.

This is a unique monument built by the Mirisawetiya Chaitya. Mirisawatiya Chaithya is one of the sacred places in Anuradhapura and is situated close to Sri Maha Bo-tree.

Mirisaatiya Viharaya

Buddhist Mirisawetiya Sri Lanka Stupa – Source

It was almost three years since the inmates of the Srilan who had come under the purview of the Jathika Peramuna were able to complete the temple which was started seven days later by King Dutugemunu, who united the motherland. It is only about 385 years in Buddha’s life.
The king did not consume anything as promised at the time of his childhood. According to history books, the king could have been compensated for damaging the conscience by conscience before conserving the birch before the day of the chirp (cherish the cherish).

Seven days after King Dutugemunu’s funeral, the king, with his relics, had his Kunthathurupaya (Jayauntha) and came to Anuradhapura to the aquatic parade to give water for water sports. It was said that the Jaya was directly placed in the jungle and the “Raja-Shurai Jay Kunta Wademu-mawāv” commanding the aftermath of the waterdrop, it was said that even the husbands were unable to lift it or shake it. This is a miracle. After gathering invasions from the gathered armies, the kunthathudaya remained there and built a stupa around it. It also paid compensation for the previous mistake. The price of the victim is Mirisawatiya Mahawa.

In the chronicles, it has been stated that the sacred tooth called “Mirisawatiya” had been sacrificed in the midst of a massive sacerdevation performed in the sacred place of Dambadiv, our motherland, a place of Bhikkhus and ninety thousand Bhikkhu who came to our Motherland.

It is said that besides donations and extraordinary items, this was spent on the alms giving. The first form is semi circular. Vogharathissa (757 years old) was rolled up here and many of the kings from Gajabahu I (112-134KV) supported the development and repair of the Chaithya, the first of which is the rectangular rectangle. It was also said that Later, the king of the king of Chola king Paraviamba Bahu (1153-1186 AD), who broke down the invaders of Sioli, tied up 80 cubits (120 feet).

The evidence indicates that the first form of the stupa which was decorated with the most beautiful artefacts, wreaths, was destroyed in the ensuing catastrophe and repair. Henry Parker’s description states that this was wild in 1873 AD.

In 1885, Under the burrows, the Mirisawatiya Chaithya was excavated under the burrow .The Soyam Kharayam in 1888 reconstructed the building of the Governor’s erected in honor of the Godan (1883 – 1890) donated by the donor. Walisinghe Harishchandra’s ‘Maps of Archeology’ states that ‘the reforms made by European thinkers could not be completed satisfactorily’.

In recent years, the Department of Archeology renovated the stupa, but in 1987 it broke into chaff and burst out loud. The height of the present type of stupa is 192 feet. The diameter is 141 feet.This is the first step Dutugemunu had made. This is another sacred object of the Atamasthana. This is what contributed to the humble nature of a powerful man who paid for a chick penny.

This is the victorious power symbolized by the Jubilee Knight, the monument that was transformed into the merit of faith. Today the message of the value of the eternal goods that prevails over the archaeological value of the Mirisawatiya built does not change today, but still today is still communicating.

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