Devinuwara Sri Vishnu Devale

By | September 13, 2017


The Devinuwara devotees visited the Devinuwara, the southern end of the island, which has been a part of many historical events. Today worship of the Devinuwara and Devinuwara are also considered. Uppalawanna, the Upul Pannala monastery, or the Upulvan gods’ specter spread to the sacred footprint of the sacred footprint of the sacred footprint of the sacred places of worship of Devanrigara, the temple of Upulvan, to Rama Ravana era. This place is considered the place where Rama Ravana was held. The popularity of the cradle and its village structures testify to this. Goddess on the land is situated in Devinuwara. It is called Wedding Angel. It is the ancient cultures of the Devinuwara and the archaeological evidence of the Devinuwara that is the oldest city in Devinuwara. Some historians consider Devinuwara to be the ancient city of the island. The oldest world map currently used is AD. About 140 BC, he was created by the Ptolemy of Ptolemy.

He was known as Devapura in Devinuwara, meaning “Goda”. Since then, Devinuwara has been considered as a sacrificial land. God is dedicated to God and worshiped by God, Goddess, Devinuwara. Deepavalam is very old known text in sinhalese. It has been written about the god Upulwan: “It is that the Prophet, the Euler, is not slow to save the Lanka Dynasty.” Sujatha deity of the Lord of the Blessed Saccreveya heard the words of his fins and heard the inexperienced God To protect the facts. With that heinous deity, King Sukkhviv entered into security with the help of the king’s words. The Mahavamsa says that the devotees who included Vijaya, who were in the days of the Gautama Buddha, were blessed with the blessing of the Sinhala and Hindu patriarchs and the pontiffs were blessed. That idea is also acknowledged by Dr. Henry Parker. The story is amazingly widespread in the Uppalawanna Devale, where the priesthood was vested in the Devinuwara. The historical Devinuwara Mahavamsa written by Devinuwara Sirisunanda Nayaka Thero has made this statement: The Apostolic God came to helm with a great cavity. People saw the cedar that was floating near the shore, and they tried to take on the cedar. The closer the men close, the cedar hill stumbled, people turned to the shore, and reached out to the shore, heard Dipulusen king. When they arrived, the cheshurian trunk was rapidly drawn and on the shore like a pebble on the beach. The king looked for a suitable priesthood to look for a suitable person in order to make a divine image in a fair manner. But it was not the entire Lankan president who could reap a divine idol. The king was thinking, and the elderly said that he was rich enough to build a goddess.

The king was vigorously ministering to the elders with the shoots and made the chimney at his place where he had gone, and Kithee was there. Only the elderly. Everything was separated. The next day the king arrived. The grain was not there. There was nothing left of God’s lifeless image. Everyone was amazed. The philosopher arrived and appeared to have seen the image of the Divine statue. It is impossible to exclude these folklores. The story of Parakumba also tells this story. The Devaluwara Devalaya Devalaya is the ruler of the Devinuwara kingdom called Dappulasena ie King Dappula II (AD-5959-665). A devotee has been made to pay homage to the Lord of the Lions, King Dappula. It is believed that the Devala is the place where the Bodiri Temple is located in the Dagoba. The temple that is now being built is later built. The first temple was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1587. Upulvan on the three-storey hierarchy is a tremendous blessing on both sides of the divine nature.

The outer layers of the Ishwara and Kataragama deviate from the outside. Similarly, the streets of Vainnu Goddess, other sacred figs and the solos have been painted here. The Esala Peraharathna is the grandest historic festival of the Devinuwara Devalaya and the subliminal worshiper. It’s related to customs. A history to mark the Second Panditha Parakrama Bahu Dynasty in the Dambadeniya Kingdom. This procession is believed to be based on a vow made to God, the God-of-the-King, King of Chandra Bunnu, who saved him from the slaughter. Another belief is that he started the procession according to a vow dedicated to God, to heal a disease he suffered. The Esala Perahana which was started in Devinuwara around .125 CE is currently undergoing a routine Perahera and Randoli Perahera. The devotees of Devanvara Esala festivities soon come to their senses. Light a trunk of bread, tie up the lamps, put on items sacrificed to Baruch and worship the god Upulvan. Devotees believe that the Devalara Esala Peraharaya will also engage in Kataragama Devi. This is started by planting the aquarius according to traditional customs. The annual Esala festival will be concluded after the sacrifice of Dhamma after the “Kolmura Yagaya” or “Devā Devala” is held.

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